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    Products and characteristics

Products and characteristics:

> Giant Eagle T-shirts: pure cotton, pure silk, mercerized cotton, modal, lycra intertexture, printed, tabby, pique, color stripe, computer large jacquard weave, double mercerized cotton Fine fabric, polished fabric surface, smooth handle, vivid color, comfortable dressing, novel design

> Pure cotton T-shirts series: 26s The brand "HANS" of the T-shirts made of special yarn produces professionally, soft handle of the fabric surface, downy bleaching color and lustre, good size stability, perennial production

> Lycra intertexture series, functional sportswear: Intertexture with polyamide 66 texturized yarn and lycra, with the merits of good elasticity and air permeability, high moisture absorption, which are used far and wide for the sport suits series for the exportation to the Occident.

> Pure cotton prque, color stripe, POLO-shirts for the exportation to the Occident Plain fabric surface, plumpy, vivid colour and lustre, good air permeability and size stability, which is one of the biggest supporting productions of Giant Eagle.

> Printed night-suit, baby wear, maternity dress, sanitary pullover etc.

> Professional production of night-suit, baby wear, and maternity dress. Good moisture absorption of the printing, soft dress, sanitary pullover two-line, three-line sanitary plus lycra, plumpy, keeping warm, good comfortable performance.

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