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Concept of quality: enterprise should deem the quality of products as one's very own life. Only with good quality, could an enterprise win the market; only with good quality, can an enterprise gain credit & reputation; only with good quality, can an enterprise win customer's satisfaction. An enterprise should make every effort to improve the product quality and establish an excellent brand.

Concept of talents: for an enterprise, the most valuable asset is the talents. Excellent enterprise and excellent products can not exist without excellent talents. Technology relies on talents, management relies on talents, innovation relies on talents and development relies on talents. Talents are the ultimate resources.

Concept of innovation: Innovation is the soul for the development of an enterprise. Only innovation could bring vigor & life force to the enterprise and only innovation could an enterprise obtain customers' favor.

Concept of development: Enterprise could only exist with unceasing development. No development doesn't only mean stagnation, rather, it means regression. No development only indicates potential danger. It is more like that in the 21st century. The only way to survive for an enterprise is to constantly strive for further development among severe competition.

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