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    Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

All the components of the knitwear undergo - and pass a large number of tests before serial production begins. And this quality - oriented approach is continued in production too. Sophisticated technical facilities enable, support and monitor the virtually ZERO-DEFECT process.

Grey Fabrics are tested for GSM, Unevenness, Foreign Fibers, Neps and other required parameters.

Dyed, printed & processed fabrics are tested against strict Quality Control measures including AZO-FREE and toxic chemicals. Giant Eagle Group guarrantees for the supply of AZO-FREE and ECO FRIENDLY products, besides the ability to supply Eco-Tex, Oko-tex standard 100 labeled products.

Metal & Broken Needle

In Giant Eagle Group, every garment is ensured to metal detection process before the condiment leaves the factory.

we do collect the every piece of broken needle, maintain a record by pasting and keeping them safely in a note book.

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