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    Technical Details-Spinning

1. Spinning technical equipment

Wholly fetch in worldwide high-class weft-knitting large diameter circular knitting machines from Japanese Yuanyuan, German Dele, and Mayer

>Japanese LRB high speed rib machine: can produce 1+1, 2+1, 2+2 rib and lycra rib

>German Dele SH08, S296 single side four-raceway machine: mainly produces tabby, mesh, honeycomb, single side silk cotton, single side lycra elastic texture fabric

>Spanish SJM 3 single side small jacquard machine: mainly produces fork pique, serge, lambdoidal fabric, pineapple and interleaver texture, and various kinds of small jacquard texture fabric.

>German Dele S4F248 computer single side automatic crossband four-color line-adjustment machine: can adjust the tabby, mesh, small jacquard fabric freely.

>German Dele SCC4F248 computer large jacquard four-color line-adjustment machine: mainly produces high class large jacquard weave and automatic four-color line-adjustment texture fabric, especially high class double silk T-shirt fabric.

>German Mayer double-sides rib machine: can produce interlook, wattle and French rib etc. various kinds of changeable texture and double-sides texture fabric.

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