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    Technical Details-Dyeing

    Open-width Stenter: fetch in German KIANLZ 30 and MONFONGS 329 vertical chain open-width stenter from Fong's. The width of the machine is 2600 and 2800, 4 set machines all adopt knitting fixation vertical chain, saving energy 15%. Small tension of upper side fabric, driven by frequency inverter, EL photoelectricity track, American planography margin divestment, expanded wet fabric margin, pasty cutting margin, single margin circulation calefaction, wind-door closed automatically, spray during unloading, adopting computer touch-screen control. After fixation, the stability of fabric size becomes better, with complanate fabric surface and good handle.

    Open-width preshrink machine: is fetched in from Italian Lafer company, which uses expand-width conditioning, open-width double-sides wool carpet to do the open-width finishing for the fabric after fixation and expand-width drying. After finishing, fabric surface becomes complanate, with soft plumpy handle, which is ideal finishing equipment for middle-level and high-level knitting fabric.

    Carbon fiber polishing fluff machine: is fetched in from Italian Lafer company. The machine adopts carbon fiber to polish and deal with fluff of various kinds of knitting fabric. After polishing fluff, fabric surface has velour feeling, which has soft handle and upgrades the fabric grade. Computer touch-screen control can store the processes and control the process operation.

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