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    Technical Details-Clothing

    Test fabric relaxedly: PE membrane automatic packing line tests and rolls the fabric automatically, PE membrane packing adopts Taiwanese Jinhao company. After finishing, fabric becomes complanate, adopting a complete set of testing fabric relaxedly, weighing printing to PE membrane packing roll, satisfying the produce demand of middle-level and high-level export fabric, adopting computer touch-screen control.

3. Producing clothing technical equipments

In order to satisfy the demand of domestic and overseas knitting habiliment market, our company is in possession of more than 3000 sets various kinds of imported sewing machines, including even sewing, wrap sewing, flexuose sewing, keyhole, and nail button. These sewing machines are all imported from Japanese JUKI, PEGASUS, DAHE and BROTHER companies; many of them are controlled by the computer and serve for the domestic and overseas knitting habiliment market.

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