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    Technical Details-Dyeing

2. Dyeing and finishing technical equipments

The whole dyeing and finishing technical equipment from computer color test and match ?? dyestuff, chemicals automatic weighing calculation ?? dyeing ?? cutting-width to fixation adopt worldwide high class equipments imported from U.S.A, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan, which are all roboticized control for producing middle-level and high-level knitting fabric.

    Computer color test and match: fetch in American Datacolor SF600X, the most advanced color test and match system, high precision, international standard, exact color test, improve dyeing reproduction and finish the preparation for automatic liquor match.

    Automatic liquor match machine: fetch in Italian DOSORAMA, the most advanced liquor match machine, actualizing fully-automatic liquor match, high precision, quick speed, good reproduction.

    Storage semi-automatic dyestuff weighing: fetch in Taiwanese LOGIC ART 201A 80 color storage dyestuff weighing system, which provides convenience and criterion for purifying dyestuff environment, selecting dyestuff automatically, and weighing dyestuff semi-automatically.

    Chemicals automatic weighing: fetch in Taiwanese LOGIC ART301 A 24 chemicals automatic weighing machine, which can actualize chemicals computation supply according to the receipt bar code, high precision, quick speed, reducing chemicals wastage, actualizing robotization.

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