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    Technical Details-Dyeing

    High temperature and high pressure single pipe circulation dyeing machine: fetch in HF CJ-HT series single pipe circulation dyeing machine from Italian MCS company, which has no color difference due to pipes, the nozzle at the entrance and the overflow pipe, fabric has no crease, can actualize quick dyeing procedure, 1.5 times quicker than ordinary machines, low consumption, 50%-60% of the normal water and steam consumption. At the same time, the machine can actualize seamless dyeing of lycra fabric. It is also advanced environmental dyeing machine, which wholly adopts touch-screen control.

    Low liquor ratio normal temperature and high temperature dyeing machine: fetch in dyeing and finishing ECO series- 8 high temperature-38 normal temperature dyeing machine from Fong's Hong Kong, which has low liquor ratio and large capacity, can be used in various kinds of dyeing of pure cotton, blends, intertexture chemical fiber knitting fabric, and all the 32 machines are controlled by center controller, good reproduction and even dyeing.

    Automatic detwisting open-width, cutting-width mangle: fetch in from Italian CORINO company The machine actualizes sequent operation from dyeing to finishing, avoids processes of dehydration machine, reduces crease produced by dewatering process, avoids fine wrinkle of knitting fabric effectively. After photoelectricity track cutting-width and dip-dye, the fabric becomes complanate and flabby, which is the ideal machine for dealing with middle-level and high-level fabric, adopting computer touch operation.

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